Rent Paddock Space in Bedford Today

2 Acres of Safe, Secure Space for Your Dogs.

Are you looking for free space to train and play with your pooches? Based in Bedford and serving Bedfordshire, Thrift End Farm has 2 acres of fully-enclosed, safe space for your four-legged friends to explore. Our team of experienced staff are happy to keep your dogs stimulated and active when they stay at our boarding facility. Our farm provides a relaxed and happy environment for your pets. Dogs that stay with us receive the best care from our team. And, if you just need a safe place to train your dog, you’re welcome to rent paddock space from us.

Daily exercise and fun, including ball games and walks through the countryside. Rent paddock space from Thrift End Farm.

Call today to find out about renting paddock space and give your dog the training it needs in a safe and secure environment.